This label / Poster was created for a label competition held by Hangar 24 Craft Brewery located in Redlands, CA. I decided to step out of their usual label creation, in order to bring them something more vibrant for their accomplishment of being open for 6 years.  Though I was not a winner, I feel this poster's imagery is very strong.  I tried to give them a new and fresh look just for this ale, but sometimes, like most designers know, the risk of providing graphics that are different and make the customer step out of their comfort zone, doesn't always have a positive outcome. 
This poster was created by using a sunset picture that I photographed in Redlands and was then turned into vector image. The "6th" and "Anniversary" are overlayed with an orange peel texture (representative of the orange groves Redlands is and was known for and also to represent Hangar's Orange Wheat Beer that put them on the map).  The "Ale" banner and the jet are all representative of Hangar's love for airplanes. 
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