With all the rage of craft beer, a small town in California called Redlands, has been the breeding ground for a few great craft breweries.  One of which is called Escape Brewery.  When I first visited the brewery, I was impressed by its overall design intention of incorporating "Travel" into their beer.  However, the design aesthetics just weren't there.  There was no cohesion of design.  I decided to create this beer list for them so that they had a way of displaying their beers and the names of the beers in a more creative way than what they originally had (a white piece of paper that was typed up in black and white).
My intention was to have the list of beers stand out to the consumer in a way that made them visually interesting and therefore making the consumer want to taste them.  I started with the background image of a suitcase that fades into the body of a beer and ends with the foamy top of a beer.  The middle ground I added an oblong shape with a double stroke to incorporate the colors of the brewery's logo.  The middle image is a sky and clouds added to play along with the "travel" concept but also to give the feeling of being "free", not having any worries. The text that is incorporated is playful yet bold, providing the consumer with straight to the point facts about the beer: Name, Type of Beer and Alcohol Percentage.
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